What is Cable Caddy?

In this guide, you’ll know everything regarding Cable Caddy and how it assists you in getting rid of tangles. Now you can avoid wasting your time unraveling tangled wires at home or the office. Because we all need products that make our lives easier so we can spare some time from our bustling lives for ourselves.

Cable caddy (aka wire dispenser reels) was designed to make the tedious processes of cable installation easier and hassle-free. It offers optimal convenience to customers who are afraid of handling tangled wires or cables. You can use it to prevent different types of wiring at your home or office from any sort of damage. Also, it contains outsize knobs for fastening the wing which you can effortlessly access to replace wire rolls like a pro in no time.

At Electrical Innovative Products Inc. we sell cable caddies in the US that are installers’ best friend. Our wire reels are made from high-quality materials featuring easy-to-reach fastening knobs which makes it easy to replace rolls of wire or cable. We’ve dispenser reels that you need for almost every electrical installation purpose. The good point is you don’t need to seek help from others for using these cable dispensers.

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It is hard to discuss all the benefits you may enjoy after adding this product to your list of must-have gadgets. Still, we have made an effort to deliver you a profound overview of the maximum benefits potentially this product will offer you at large. Once you go through these benefits you will surely be going to love this handy in-size but massive in-benefits kind of product!

Here’s what you need to know:

Easy to Setup and Use

The beauty of our product is its convenience not just for keeping your cables or wires untangled but to use and setting it up at your home or office. The basic purpose of this product is to equip users with a gadget that they can use without looking for someone to help them. Fortunately, it has delivered the expected outcomes by showing the same level of ease for customers. That’s why it has earned huge acknowledgment from users.

One Stand for Organizing Multiple Rolls of Cable and Wire

The second benefit you will get is to use one stand for managing various rolls of cable and wire. Gone are the days when we need to manage multiple rolls for different cables and wires in our store rooms. We know that it is very difficult to arrange appropriate space for keeping those rolls so they don’t get messed up again. Thanks to this small size but big convenience product.

Improves Your Work Efficiency

The third benefit it offers is improvement in your work efficiency. Before such innovative products, we need to spend time and effort detangling twisted cables or wires. But now we no longer require getting frustrated while using our wired devices because cable caddy knows its job well.

Saves Your Money

Another good point is it won’t require you to spend a hefty amount to get your hands on this handy product. This handy-in-size product is available in economic price ranges and different types including vertical cable caddy so you can easily pick the one per your use, your need, and your budget.

Give a Farewell to Throwing Away Balls of Tangled Wire

Adding to saving this product will prevent you from facing wastage of your hard-earned money by throwing away tangled wires. We know that sometimes the rolls you have kept in a safe place get tangled leaving no choice but to throw them away. In such a situation we have to lose the money and effort we had spent purchasing and storing it so it can be used at the need of the hour.

Sturdy Heavy-Duty Construction

The next good thing about this cute product is its heavy-duty construction. The design and material of this product have made it a heavily sturdy product that will serve you for the longest possible span.


It is a portable device and compact in design so you can easily take it with you wherever you go and whenever you want. These features coupled with its sturdy constriction have made it a perfect product for wire and cable storage for a long time without letting them get tangled.

Over-Spin Preventing Design

When we pull wire or cable, we usually overly spin such gadgets which can lead to tangling wires and cables. To prevent it we have developed a design that prevents over-spinning so you would easily handle it.

Aren’t these benefits amazing? Of course, these are and you must be sensing an immense need to add this incredible product to your gadgets. Isn’t it? So don’t wait anymore!

Our products are precisely designed and produced to serve electricians who are working in different industries. Therefore, we have kept quality standards high so we can offer the best products in the market compared to other brands and different cable caddies which are existing in the competitive industry.

Since not every brand is delivering optimal quality cable caddies and is widely using cheaper materials thus their products are available at cheaper prices. Moreover, many cable caddies are out there which are not well designed thereby are unable to deliver the desired level of performance.

What our customers want is to get a cable caddy made with superior quality materials and designed to serve you for the longest period. We know that our customers don’t want to invest in a product that they need to replace after a couple of months because it is not capable of holding cables or wires well.

Similarly, if the cable caddies are not sturdy enough to handle heavy-duty cables then there is no sense in investing in such products. That’s the reason we have built our electrical wire reel caddy so strong that it can flawlessly work even for a rigorous job. So you can improve your work efficiency by saving your time and effort.

Now if you want to get some more information about how many types of cable caddy have been launched by the company in the market you need to make a little more effort. Worry not we are not asking you to go through searching on different websites or asking your colleagues about that. Instead, what we need you to do is to keep reading this blog till the end so you could never miss anything you need to know about our products.

What Are the Types of Cable Caddy?

Undoubtedly having such products can save us significant time and effort which you can spend on some other crucial matters. But to take maximum benefits of such inventions you should have thorough information about the types available in the market and their usages.
Below are all types of our products available for customers in the market such as coax cable caddy and others.
So, let’s check them out!

Vertical Cable Caddy

It is one of the lightweight cable caddies that you can use in horizontal as well as vertical positions. You can use this alternative cable caddy if you are an electrician, working in the satellite and cable industry, or offering technical support for setting up alarms and sound systems in home or business places.

This cable caddy is easy to use and can seamlessly match the interior of your home. Moreover, you can use it for various spools of wire at once without using an A-frame ladder. Interestingly, with our Vertical cable caddy, you don’t need to keep an electrical tap with a piece of conduit for holding wire or cable in its place while working in the field. That’s why we claim our product as one of the best in offering ease and convenience to customers.

Coax Cable Caddy

It is another ultimate dispenser specifically designed for coaxial cables so you can easily pull this cable without frustrating over possible knots and tangles. You can make the loading of coaxial cables, their loading and carrying much simpler and more convenient with this durable, portable, and sturdy designed cable caddy.

Our coax cable caddy will accommodate a different range of coaxial cable sizes so let’s detangle your life with this user-friendly coax cable caddy. No matter if you are working in the satellite and cable industry, alarm and security installation, or sound system installation firm as a technician this coax cable caddy will serve you as your best friend to help in winding up your daily tasks easily.

Cable Caddy with Wheels

Last but not least, the cable caddy we have for you is the cable caddy with wheels. Our high-quality cable caddy stand will help you to take your untangled wires and cables with you where you go. If you want to keep your space well organized, tidy and manageable this product deserves investment from you.

Its sturdy wheels allow you to hold up at least three caddies on it which means you can stalk up more using a single gadget. Moreover, we have coated this cable caddy with powder coating that resists corrosion and rust so nothing can serve you for an enduring period.

Similarly, its latest and sleek design has made it a good choice to not only keep your cables or caddies protected but to look awesome wherever you keep it in your home, workspace, or warehouse. Interestingly its handy size will not demand you to spare too much of your space. So take a chill pill!

No doubt this product is the best solution for keeping your caddies clean and well-managed without taking too much space in your place or disturbing the ambiance of your interior. So if you are more into keeping your caddies clean and organized without dedicating too much space this is what you need.

Wondering about the place where you can get it? Buy online!

Electrical Innovative Products Inc. Amityville NY 110

Whether you are looking for a simple solution to manage cords in your office or to handle a complex cord management solution for your enterprise we have all that you need. Our innovative designs and high-quality materials have turned our cable caddies into the best solution for managing your cords over a lasting period.

You will get a warranty and satisfaction guarantee for all our products. Our always-ready-to-listen customer service is there to provide you with assistance whenever you need it. So, make a smart choice by investing in our easy-to-assemble, durable and sturdy range of cable caddies under our return policy for 30 days.

It is time to make the final call! Contact today.

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