Benefits of Cable Dispenser Reels

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What are the Benefits of Cable Dispenser Reels?

Handling and managing long cable reels is a tricky task. Safety and working efficiency are the greatest concerns about supplying, distributing, and managing cables. But all your worries can vanish to some extent with the use of cable dispenser reels. When you use stands to keep your cable reel in place, you can easily configure it according to your operational needs. In this blog, we will briefly discuss the advantages and applications of cable dispenser reels.

What is Cable Reel?

A cable reel is a cylindrical material to lift or hold the cable. If you are struggling with the winding, unwinding, and storage of cable, an electric cable reel is a right choice. In other words, reels are used to wrap wires, conductive cables, and other materials.

Some cable reels have manual winding systems, while modern ones come with self-winding reels. However, the rewinding mechanism of the cable requires a hand crack, electric motors, or spring rewind reels. You can also get your cable reels with a stand.

How to Configure Cable Reels?

The configuration of cable reels is quite easy. There are five different configurations in which you can arrange cable reels. Let’s explore all the configurations of cable reels:

1- Collapsible
Collapsible reels easily deform, collapse, or break while shipping or storing bulk material.

2- Portable
Portable reels are those which are moveable by hand. Such configured reels usually come with a lifting handle.

3- Connection
The connection configuration of reels allows electric current to pass by keeping the cable on thereel.

4- Reel
Reel configuration is where an electrical cord or wire is installed on a reel.

5- Storage
Storage reels are helpful in the transportation of hoses, cables, wires, and other materials safely to far-off places by keeping the system intact.

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Wire Reel Dispenser on Stand

Key Features of Cable Dispenser Reels

The following are some of the key characteristics of cable dispenser reels:

1. Flange Diameter _ Outside diameter of the reel
2. Core Diameter _ Inside diameter of the reel
3. Inside traverse _ Inner distance between reel flangers

Different Types of Dispensable Cable Reels

Here are some of the main types of cable reels from which you can pick up the one:

1. Fixed Reels
Fixed Reels are those cable reels that help wind and unwind power cables and steel wire ropes. Use this reel to haul and lift devices like ropeways, cranes, and elevators.

2. Hose Reels
Hose reels are used to transport liquids and gases in industrial units. Such reels come in different materials, such as stainless steel, wood, and plastic. In addition, these reels are available in different sizes and shapes through which fluid keeps moving.

3. Marine Plywood Reel
Marine plywood reel is a high-quality waterproof cable reel. Such cable reels are lightweight and recyclable. Choose a high-density or medium-density overlay of marine plywood, depending upon your need.

4. Motor-driven Cable Reels
Motor-driven cable reels use motors to load, handle, and transport equipment. You need a reliable transmission system to store and manage cables with high synchronization.

5. Plastic Cable Reels
Plastic cable reels are those having lightweight, sturdy, and insulated frameworks. You can easily prepare plastic reels at home to reduce weight. Such reels are recyclable.

6. Plywood Cable Reels
Plywood cable reels are those which are made up of softened wood. Such reels are also supportive in high-pressure and high-temperature areas.

7. Wooden Cable Reels
As the name shows, wooden cable reels are manufactured from wooden logs. Such reels are used to carry out heavy loads. You can easily tailor the flange diameter and traverse length depending on the transport load size. Feel free to store and wind electrical cables on these reels.

8. Retractable Cable Reels
Another type of cable reel used to store and transport electric cables is the retractable cable reel. In such retractable reels, a constant force is used to provide torsion. Such reels are helpful in the transmission of electricity to far-off places. Use these handy cable dispenser reels for electric transportation.

9. Steel Cable Reels
Steel cable reels have a steel drum instead of a wooden drum for winding and unwinding cables. Such drums are usually configured in a collapsible cable reel manner. Moreover, steel drums are more durable, reliable, and affordable.

10. Spring Cable Reels
Spring cable reels are used in the automatic winding, unwinding, and transportation of cables on reels. Devices like excavators, portal cranes, mobile cranes, transport systems, transfer vehicles, and machines fall into this category. The Springs used in this reel have high potential, and you can use these reels for long deflections by mounting them on storage drums.

Factors To Consider While Choosing Cable Reels

Here are some of the factors you need to consider while picking up the right cable reel for you:

Electrical Requirements
You need to consider electrical requirements while selecting an electrical cable reel are voltage, amperage, and signals. Moreover, the cable gauge is also worth considering. You can estimate the gauge by the number of wires and amperage of cable.

Mechanical Requirements
A good cable reel is one having reliable stretching and dragging ability. Besides this, the frequency and optimum speed of the cable reel are also considered for greater efficiency. The maximum speed of the cable reel is 150 feet per second.

Length of Cable
The cable reel comes in various sizes depending on the length of the cable. It’s up to you how long cable you need for handling equipment.

Wire Reel Dispenser

Cable dispenser reels having rollers are safer to use. Reels having a roller system effectively promote the structure that helps cables to be drawn in suitable lengths irrespective of their weight.

Spool Protection
Make sure to pick up the cable reel having spool protection. It’s because a spool rolling freely reduces cable damage risk.

The speed at which you run cable also matters a lot. The cable can be easily set up on reels in seconds instead of minutes.

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Key Features of Cable Dispenser Reels

Cable reels are gaining more attention, and people avoid using ordinary jack stands. In addition, cable reel rollers are convenient for workers and overtime; these reels can save several hectic hours of labor on worksites of all sizes.

Let’s discuss the advantages of cable reels in detail:

1- Easy to Operate
Cable reel rollers are drum-shaped, unlike ordinary reel jack stands, and are a single and stationary piece of equipment. The reel with a low base rotates with its steel rollers very smoothly. Workers swiftly disburse cable after installing the reel in place without any safety hazards generally caused by poor setup.

2- Improved Efficiency
Cable reel rollers are faster to put up & utilize than jack stands; that’s why these have improved operational efficiency. The classical cable reel jack stands must be aligned to one another, while the reel rollers are one piece of equipment. Once the cable reel roller has been positioned
properly, the employees may begin payout.

3- Durable to Use
Cable reel rollers are long-lasting and sturdier than jack stands, despite having a high initial cost. These are less likely to be misconfigured, which is very important when dealing with large reels. Their dependability is sometimes also increased by using Tie-down kits.

4- Brings Wiring Versatility
Cable reels are different spools that contain various types of industrial wire. The purpose of a cable reel in wire manufacturing is to transport and organize your wiring and cable. These cable reels come in the market in different sizes to fit the style of your industry.

5- Quick Setup
Due to the improved operational efficiency of cable reels, they have a significantly quicker setup than ordinary jack stands. While the setup of ordinary cable reel jack stands is perfectly parallel, the cable reel rollers function just as a single piece of equipment.

6- Larger Capacity
The BHS Dyna Reel Platform features a huge capacity of 5000 pounds. A powder-coated finish and heavy-duty steel construction are added to increase its durability.

7- Flexibility
Cable reels are very flexible. It also has a small footprint, particularly when additional cable flexibility is required during the installation.

8- Easy Transportation
For the easy transportation of cable reels, a specific model known as Dyna Reel Platform Attachment can perform an important role via lift truck. This will allow the workers to carry the reels to different areas of the Jobsite in seconds. This feature is particularly important while
working outdoors.

9- Appropriate Temperature
It is very important to keep the cable cool, and with ordinary jack stands, it will take additional cost and result in product damage and economic issues. The Dyna Reel Platform Attachment with cable rollers allows quick setup and transportation and makes a wonderful choice to keep cable at very appropriate temperatures.

10- Secure than ordinary jack stands
The circular drum-shaped cable reel is very secure & removed from different kinds of cable for different locations. Cable reels are utilized for the on-site installation of cables. This drum-shaped reel is very useful for maintenance and cable installation.

It’s time to decide which cable reel is perfect for fulfilling all your needs. Whether looking for a reel for commercial purposes or a single-time task, you can enjoy all the above advantages. So what are you waiting for? Buy your favorite cable reel!

Applications of Cable Reels

After looking at the amazing benefits of cable reels, you will be curious to know their importance in daily life. Here are some common applications of cable reels:

In Wire manufacturing: Cable dispenser reels play an important role in wire manufacturing by keeping it free from knots and ties.

In cable transportation:  To transport heavy loads through cranes or any other device, cable reels facilitate easy handling and transportation. Besides that, it’s the easiest source to transport cables of long lengths without causing any damage.

In monofilaments: Due to its availability in different sizes and materials, it is also used for monofilament lining. In addition, nothing can be more reliable for wrapping and storing monofilament lines than an electrical cable reel.

In fibers manufacturing: Another great application of cable dispenser reels is fiber manufacturing. Whether you want to make threads, ropes, yarns, bands, strips, flexible tubes, or films, the cable reel supports your manufacturing process.

Vehicles Transportation: Have your car ever got stuck in the mud? If yes, you will know the importance of a cable dispenser reel, as it’s useful in reeling stuck vehicles from the mud.

In Shaft Mounting: By mounting a reel on a shaft, you can easily adjust a heavyweight load by minimizing tension in cables. Such shaft-mounted reels are used for various purposes in commercial areas.

On-site Cable Installation: With the help of cable reels, you can install all types of cables, wires, papers, bands, ropes, and other materials in minutes.

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Concluding Remarks!

Above all, cable dispensers are crucial in bringing convenience to our lives. Cable reels are perfect if you are looking for something to wind, unwind, store, or life conductive or non-conductive cable. No worries while dealing with electric cables because some reels prevent power loss during winding and unwinding.

Another advantage you can enjoy with this reel is wrapping and storing any material you want. Storing bulk things in a small space has become convenient due to these reels. We hope that this blog has helped you a lot in knowing the amazing advantages of cable dispenser reels. So take advantage and make your life facile by picking up your favorite cable reel.

To buy a cable reel with or without a stand, contact us at Electrical Innovative Products now!


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