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How to use and load wire onto the wire reel stand

  1. With the rubber tip facing down, insert 1 orange stand leg at a time into the angled area of the steel heads. You may have to open the set screws slightly. Only insert each leg far enough to clear the center hole for the axle rod.*

2. Use the hex wrench to firmly tighten one leg at a time. The 4 stand legs will remain in the steel heads permanently. Only the axle rods are now interchangeable.

*The center opening is fully adjustable to accept axle rods with an outer diameter of 1/2”-1”. (3/4” PVC conduit has a OD of 1.05”). We recommend using a steel axle rod when using multiple rolls of wire or cable. 

How to use and load wire onto the wire reel

  1. To open, lay down the reel with knobs facing up.
  2. Remove the 2 knobs and put aside, and remove the top half of the reel.
  3. Load a roll of wire in the bottom half, leaving the end of the wire exposed. Replace the top half and ensure the inner tabs will properly align with both pieces.
  4. Replace the 2 quick change knobs and tighten securely.
  5. Load 1 reel onto 3/4” PVC or EMT axle rod at least 10” in width.
  6. Load 2 reels onto a 3/4” EMT axle rod at least 16” in width.
  7. Load 3 reels onto a 3/4” EMT axle rod at least 22” in width.
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